So, you’ve decided to explore the MILF dating scene? Well, buckle up and get ready to enjoy the ride of your life.

Ask any guy who has tried dating a MILF and they’ll tell you it’s the best thing ever. MILF, of course, being short for Mums I’d like to fuck.

But that’s not the whole story. While that may have been the original description of what has since become a buzzword since Stifler’s Mom in the film American Pie, a MILF also describes a woman in her 30s or 40s (sometimes more) dating a younger stud, eight or more years her junior.

They are also known as cougars, and rightly so; not just because of their predatory sexual tactics that target young blood, but because these are adventurous female felines who are nothing like the traditional mom.

MILFs are characteristically sexually appealing, and perhaps no depiction embodies that sexiness more than Stacy’s Mom from that epic Fountains of Wayne video (remember it?).

For old times’ sake… here’s the clip…

Cougar Dating Dublin

More than that, anyone interested in MILFs Dublin will be happy to know these are mature Dublin women who know exactly what they want in a relationship.

A lot of cougar MILF dating is all about the sex you see, so if you want a good fuck in Dublin without all the time-sapping formalities of regular dating, these women are always up for it. Like really up for it.

Women, it is said, reach their peak sex drive in their 30s through the 40s – that’s prime MILF age.

Cougars are also largely known for their wild sex drive so you need to be top of your game if you want to meet a MILF and have her for keeps. Good thing is, they’re easier to please in bed too, so cast aside your worries about your bedroom prowess and ability to make her shake and shiver.

That’s literally all a single guy desires – the guarantee of a good romp whenever you feel a stirring in the loins. Which is often.

Older cougars know what younger guys want, so when you meet cougars, although you know what they want, if you can play hard to get, she’ll not only value you more, she’ll also enjoy the challenge you’re giving her. There’s a fine line here though so tread carefully.

Not that the relationship is likely to get lackluster any time soon, mind, which is another positive that comes with MILF hookup. And you can look at this from two angles.

For one, these are mature women who do not come with the emotional baggage younger girls are known for. Which is the dream of every man really; a relationship that promises great sex with none of the usual drama.

Second, single mature women Ireland know how to have fun like no one else. It likely comes from the life experience. By this point, she’s had her share of lovers and life’s disappointments so it’s pretty clear in her mind what she likes and what she’s doing. Not to mention easy-going.

In other words, her life is largely unencumbered and the sex carefree. That’s right, sex with older women Dublin (and we’re not talking GILFs here, aka grandmas I’d like to fuck) is incredible as they know their body better than their younger counterparts.

They also appreciate men more than most of the younger girls with “standards” ever will.

You know what that means, right? An older woman can make you feel like a king. It is little surprising then that most guys who hook up with MILFs don’t relish younger relationships from then on.

Even more so when you consider older women seeking men Dublin have their own money and a nicer place than girls fresh out of university.

Meet MILFs Dublin

MILF Dating Dublin

Dating MILFs is more of a sizzling fling than a relationship to tie you down. Both of you are in it for fun – you know it, she knows it.

She won’t keep pestering you with text messages when you’re out with the lads having a craic. Neither will she be relying on you for her upkeep and expenses. Odds are she’s more loaded than you.

She won’t lure you into tricky conversations that only stir up arguments or play unnecessary head games with you either.

We don’t know about you, but there’s little not to like about MILF dateing.

The big question is where to find them in the Dubs.

The sex classifieds Dublin segment is the default go-to section for most guys looking to get laid Dublin.

While you can find NSA Dublin (no strings attached) hook-ups here, there is an abundance of places to meet MILFs in Ireland really, provided you know where to look.

Then again, that’s why we’re here.

If you’re curious about how to meet MILFs, the point of this article is to serve as your guide to real MILF dating in Ireland.

We will outline the places you can find these mature girls in Dublin (including specific spots to get horny Dublin women), how to approach them and make them yours, and of course, a MILF article wouldn’t be complete without some solid sex advice.

We will shed light on specific spots teeming with delectable cougars and reveal some rich online resources where you can find older women looking for men in Dublin.

Finding and nailing one is the test, but once you do, it won’t take you long to discover why dating an older sexy woman appeals to many a hot-blooded male out there. It is not considered one of the top male sex fantasies without good reason, you know…

So, without further ado…

Cougar Bars Dublin

If you’re wondering where to meet women in Dublin, few places promise better results than cougar bars Dublin.

The best thing about dedicated cougar clubs in Dublin is that MILFs go to hang out here specifically to prey on eager young cubs who themselves are on the prowl for sexy Dublin housewives in need of some action.

But there is also a downside to trying to meet women Dublin in bars. If you don’t know where to look, you might end up on a wild goose chase, or cougar rather, in this case.

If the idea is to score quick sex Dublin with an older woman, that can be one frustrating adventure, bounty hunter; not to mention expensive as you spend your days hopping from one club to the next.

To make your quest easier, we’ve put together five of the top cougar pubs in Dublin you might want to try your luck at.


Open from Wednesday to Sunday starting 9 p.m., Madonna’s is one of the first places you should go looking for some NSA fun Dublin.

It’s a great happening spot that hosts a slew of events to keep its revellers entertained. From fire shows and bar tricks from its professional bartenders, to organising blind dates for singles, the only thing you’ll regret about Madonna’s is probably that they’re not open 7 days a week.

The fact that it’s nestled in the Temple Bar area, the city’s favourite hangout place where visitors from the world over congregate, means there should be plenty of NSA fun Ireland lined up for you.

From hot mature women Dublin, to Asian and even sizzling BBW Dublin girls, you’ll find them all here in their element.

Rain Nightclub

Rain is a great modern nightclub attached to Portobello Hotel on South Richmond Street that should prove a great pick-up for mature ladies Dublin.

The minimum age allowed is 30, so you can be sure the mature ladies in Dublin out clubbing at the Rain Nightclub are a dime a dozen. The music too is reflective of this demographic – classic hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Gilbert & Wright

There is a Gilbert & Wright in both Swords and Malahide, but you can rest assured that if you’re interested in sex in Dublin City with loaded older women, it’s not hard to come by at either. But if we had to pick one, we would go with Swords.

Keep in mind that the crowds who frequent here are more civil than wild, so it’s one of those places at which you’ll need to bide your time or visit more than once to get lucky.

The drinks are great, the live music beautiful, and the award-winning bar prides itself as the only bar in Swords with live DJs and late drinks all days of the week, bar one.

Knightsbridge Bar

Located in the Arlington Hotel beside O’Connell Bridge, Knightsbridge Bar is famed for its quality Guinness, delicious grub, and traditional Irish music – all of which have served to endear it to locals and tourists alike.

This is another great hunting ground to meet cougars Dublin with a sense of taste who come here to enjoy the medieval theme and décor that makes this popular spot unique.

The Brazen Head

Another spot you might want to pay a visit if you’re still trying to figure out where to meet older women in Dublin is Brazen Head, a pub with a rustic charm that prides itself as the oldest in Ireland.

The women you’ll meet here are nothing like the young Dublin babes you’ll come across in your pursuits for a quick Dublin fuck. These are more of sophisticated MILFs who need an equally sophisticated young man by their side, just so you know in advance.

Local MILFs

Massage Girls Dublin

There is nothing like a good massage to let off some steam following the weekly stresses of modern life. But for 8 out of 10 single guys, a happy ending massage is even a better proposition as it will have you blowing off more than just steam.

Dublin is not short of erotic massage establishments. If you need sensual sex for sale Dublin, there is no better place to get it than in one of the exclusive massage parlours in the city, especially considering prostitution in Ireland is illegal.

That’s right, the hoes might be plenty, but sex-for-pay is not permitted by law.

Here are some of our favourite spots to find a massage girl Dublin who will be more than eager to take it all the way.

Mai Thai Massage

Located along Wellington Quay in Temple Bar, Mai Thai Massage offers Thai massage services and then some.

Happy endings are available on request, and if your tastes tend to skew towards Asian, this might just be your new favourite hang-out spot.

There is a bevy of Thai girls here who will be happy to offer any “favours” you might need. So, that “Fuck an Asian chick” item on your bucket list? That trip to Thailand might as well just wait. For now.

Unique Moments Salon

The name alone is a sign that you’re in for more than just a regular full-body massage at Unique Moments Salon, a massage parlour located on Drimnagh Road that strictly caters to male clientele only.

As with most legit parlours, though, remember “extras” are not a service peddled overtly, so you need to let them know what brings you around.

Unique Moments do have a Body to Body offering, though, so at least there’s somewhere to begin the convo if you need a professional blowjob Dublin service or the full package and are not sure how to go about requesting one.

When it comes to these services, however, we advise to just state your case without mincing words.

Dublin Brazilian Therapeutic Massage

The Dublin Brazilian Therapeutic centre offers a long list of massage services and extras that are more than just a soothing foot soak or cup of green tea.

With two branches in town – one along Glasnevin Avenue and the other nestled under the bridge on Lower Gardener Street – this therapeutic facility carries some of the sexiest masseuses who are game for Dublin NSA (no strings attached) hook-ups on location.

Cougar Dating Dublin

Sex in Dublin

At one point, the casual dating scene in Dublin wasn’t all that, so much so that the joke often went, “No sex please, I’m Irish”. But those days are long gone.

The city has undergone a sexual revolution and today guarantees a spectrum of sexual activities, with no strings Dublin encounters and MILF hook up among the carnal appetites you’ll find top of the sex menu.

As in many other countries, there has also been a cultural shift in Ireland that has seen men turn from hunters to hunted. Courtship initiation is no longer a preserve of the guys. Women are also increasingly taking the initiative, so you’ll encounter plenty of women seeking men Ireland.

Which is all good news for anyone in the market for cheap sex Dublin. Not that it’s cheap per se, depends on where you go really.

Speaking of which, if you’re wondering where to meet older women in Dublin, it should come as welcome news to know the adult dating Dublin scene these days is awash with places to meet them.

However, hunting for cougars can sometimes end up being a big waste of time if you don’t know where to go. We mentioned that earlier, and shared a couple of spots that can be a great launch pad for your quest to find beautiful MILFs looking for some quality time.

Dublin sex life promises plenty of action for those looking for a fumble. It is a diverse landscape, though, one we could sub-categorise into paid sex and free dating for easier navigation.

Because let’s be real, as much as we all want to get laid, the road to the promised land is filled with journeymen driven by different desires. Some are just in it for a quick fuck, others want their MILF dates to blossom into a relationship.

Paid Sex

It’s no secret that dating can be a real drag when all you just want is to meet girls in Dublin to get laid. In such cases, paid sex is always a great idea. No, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Women who accept cash for sex are no longer middle-aged maids who wear petticoats and bonnets. It’s not the 19th century anymore. Rather, these are hotties who can put most guys’ girlfriends to shame.

In years gone by, the women seeking men classifieds section used to be one of the most popular sections for women to advertise these kinds of services. While that avenue is still very much active, your options are not as limited today.

Bars and clubs have always been a good place to find w4m Dublin for a paid one-night stand, and who knows, you two might even end up becoming repeat customers.

Earlier, we shared some great joints to go for MILF cougar dating. For variety, you can also add Club M and Hairy Lemon, both located on Dublin’s entertainment district, to your list.

But it is worth specifying that these are not specialty MILF spots; they are generally places to score some good-looking birds. The same goes for the Button Factory and The Grand Social.

Massage parlours, as we also discussed earlier, are other great places to find beautiful women who offer sex in exchange for a token. You can go one further and seek out-call massage services and get lucky with an ebony massage Dublin stunner for those times you feel like trying out something different.

The truth about physical encounters, though, is that they tend to be hit and miss, even when you’re paying for it. Don’t get us wrong, it is absolutely possible to get lucky offline, but if you ask us, free MILF dating sites boost your chances even more.

Find Cougars Dublin

Free Dating Sites

In today’s fast-paced world and life’s myriad responsibilities, the dragged-out process of person-to-person dating may not work in our interests. There is a convenience that comes with MILF dating sites that the traditional physical approach cannot match.

The convenience factor aside, MILF free dating sites come with a long list of other benefits.

For one, the variety of women you find on dating sites and apps is second to none – natives, blacks, Asian MILF date, you’ll find them all.

Second, everyone knows what they’re in it for, so there is nothing like mixed signals when you send that virtual wink. Besides, this is usually clearly spelt out in the bio section. While most guys are looking for free MILF hookups, there are cougars who need more than just the sex.

What’s more, every dating site will have a “narrow search” option that acts as your MILF finder assistant by allowing you to tailor your search. Which is also good news as it means you can easily find a MILF local online.

Whether you’re interested in dogging Dublin encounters, casual fun, romance, or relationship, a dating site MILF is a great place to go looking.

Question is, which is the best MILF dating app in Ireland to start your search? Below, we present a few.

Adult Friend Finder Ireland

Adult Friend Finder might be one of the top international dating sites, but its foothold in Ireland is strong. What makes this one of the best MILF sites is the fact that it’s unlike most traditional dating sites.

This is more of a horny MILF dating website teeming with older women and girls of all age groups interested in finding someone to sleep with. A lot of the relationships are casual for that reason alone, which is good news if all you want is sex.

We want to clarify that a lot of the women you’ll come across might also request payment for sex. However, there are also others who just need someone to shack up with on the cold nights or help them scratch that itch.

Cougar Life

For a man with a specific taste in women, there is nothing like a specialised site for mature MILF dating. Established in 2006, Cougar Life is a dedicated sexy MILF dating site where your chances of finding an older lady are pretty decent.

Here, you don’t have to wonder if that spicy vixen will be interested in a young shot like you: that’s what they are all looking for.

The free trial will allow you to create a profile and grant access to limited MILF free dating, upon which you’ll need to upgrade your account. But it’s totally worth it.


eHarmony has provided free dating MILF services since the early 2000s, making it one of the oldest dating platforms around.

The fact that they’re still very much existent (and successful) means they must be doing something right unlike majority of free MILF dating sites that fold after only a couple of years in the business.

One of the reasons behind eHarmony’s success is its unique matching process that has allowed many to find love.

Yes, a lot of the older women you’ll find on eHarmony are looking for more than one-night stands, so if that’s on your agenda, you can be sure you’ll find plenty of kindred spirits.

But for better success, you might need to upgrade your free account.

Saga Dating

Another great MILF free dating site with an upgradeable account you should consider, Saga Dating has one of the biggest concentrations of older women.

Even going by the law of probability alone, it’s easier to meet MILF when the majority of the demographic actively involved on the site is women over 50.

By that logic alone, you could arguably say it’s the best MILF dating website.

Be Naughty

You can find all sorts of single females on Be Naughty, a site that also provides MILF dating free service.

Like every app worth the effort, though, plan to purchase a premium account if you want to unlock its full benefits.

Get It On

As far as online matching processes go, few sites do that job better than Get It On, a dating site that connects you to horny females.

If you need to fulfil your fetishes, this is ideally the app you want to be on due to its great matching process that returns results that suit your sexual interests down to the t.

Need someone submissive? Check. Like it BBW? No problem. Indian MILF dating, perhaps? You’ll find them all on this app.

How to Find Girls Online and Get Laid

Finding a good MILF dating site free is half the battle. The other half is about reeling your crush in and establishing a rapport before you take the conversation offline.

We’re going to show you how to smooth-talk your way into your online crush’s knickers, starting with how to message her, keeping your lead hot, and most importantly, how to meet her in person before ultimately, getting the shift.

We’ll skip the part where you get to join your MILF dating site of choice, creating a good profile complete with a profile photo, and the actual search for that someone you feel drawn to.

So, you’ve found that special lady that gets your blood pumping, what next?

1. The Online Charming Game

When initiating conversations online, it is important to keep in mind that however much of a decent guy you may be in real life, out there, you’re perceived as just another stranger.

That means some things you say or do could be misinterpreted, which could see a relationship that was slowly budding into something suddenly turn into custard.

Be honest, don’t be arrogant, don’t be persistent, avoid being aggressive (or abrasive), be respectful, always read the room, and remember some things could be interpreted as creepy or weird, and we don’t want that.

That said…

Make a good first impression

The first message can be the deal breaker when it comes to online dating. Coming up with a creative message that’s flirty but doesn’t sail too close to the wind can be tricky.

As with an online CV, try to make your first contact a personable one. Copy-and-paste messages tend to be obvious. The best way to kick things off is to check out her profile and establish her interests, then tailor your message to her.

Stay natural

Being natural on the Internet can be difficult to achieve. One way you can approach this is to share a funny incident that happened to you that day or week.

But don’t force it. If nothing happened, you can always go with honesty. Honesty is a virtue in online interactions. Remember that.

A light-heated tone helps avoid the feeling of forced small talk.

Be personable

One way to do this is to use the lady’s name in your interactions.

Virtual connections are not the most intimate when you’ve just met someone and are getting to know each other. So small gestures like this can go some way towards bridging that gap.

You can also ask questions based off the intel you gathered from her profile to get your lady friend to talk about herself. It shows you’ve paid attention to their profile and showing genuine interest in what they have to say.

Besides, there’s no better way to know the person and gauge your compatibility than to have them give you open-ended responses and speak their mind.

She’s a woman, compliments flatter her

But don’t be the cheesy guy who serves her the usual “you look cute” compliments. You’re probably the fourth lad to tell her that and it’s not even afternoon yet.

One way you can never go wrong with compliments is to be authentic in all your conversations with her. Pay her an actual compliment based off something that drew you to her – a heart-warming smile maybe, her kind eyes, love for pets; her profile is a treasure trove of information.

Give her a reason to reply

In your efforts to find sex in Dublin, you’ve already shot your shot and let her know you’re into her.

To increase your likelihood of getting a response from that old sexy minx, you could tie some of her interests to yours – the love of pets for instance, or a shared love of travel, and so on – and expand on it.

This way, you won’t come across like you’re just talking to impress her. Plus, it also means you’ll have plenty to talk about when you finally meet.

Speaking of which…

Older Single Women Dublin

2. Taking the Conversation Offline

The whole point of joining a MILF site is to ultimately get to meet your woman in person. This is why getting the relationship offline is important.

What you don’t want is spend endless hours in an online exchange until all your hair turns grey. This is why after building that rapport and she’s responsive to your messages, you shouldn’t waste time before asking her out.

At this point, you’ve potentially passed the first two major barriers – looks and the first message – so it’s safe to say the odds are in your favour.

Float the idea of meeting in a casual, non-aggressive way. Something along the lines of, “I really enjoy our conversations. I think you would be fun talking to in person over a drink.”

You could be even more specific by assigning a timeline to your message – “Are you in town this weekend?”, or “How’s Thursday for you?” or simply “How does your schedule work?”

Once you put this out there, expect a few outcomes. She’ll either respond in the affirmative (best case scenario) or propose another date (all good).

Thirdly, she might respond and give the “going out” part a miss, which you may or may not follow up on depending on the response she gives you. The fourth outcome is not getting an answer at all. We would advise to move on to your next target and avoid wasting your time on this one.

When she agrees to meet you in person, make sure you exchange contacts. Once that is done, you’re in business.

Before your MILF meet up, send her a message introducing yourself first– “Hi Grace, it’s Patrick, the stunningly handsome guy from Cougar Life [Smile emoji]”.

Depending on the comfortability level you two had achieved online, you can throw in some humour or get a little flirty:

“Ok, I texted you Grace…What are your next two wishes?” [Winks] Pat.

3. The Courtship Ritual

One of the good things about dipping into the older w4m Ireland pool is that if the woman likes you, it’s unlikely she’ll flake on you, a common pain point associated with dating younger women.

As well, you both know what you’re getting into the relationship for, so this is not like your regular date where the formalities will drag on for weeks on end.

Some cougars have been known to claw their way into their young lover’s trousers within the first day of meeting them, so consider yourself lucky if by chance you happen to land one of these.

Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before things get freaky, so don’t be in a rush as she’ll likely be the one leading you on – again, unlike younger girls.

As far as the things to talk about go, there are topics that are okay to discuss and others best saved for later when you get to know each other at a deeper level, if it’s not a one-time thing (it almost always never is with a MILF if she’s into you).

One nice talking point is asking her about her likes and dislikes. Give her the attention to make her feel wanted and valued. In your case, avoid telling lies to impress. Be upfront with her, but that’s not to mean to go into overly seductive mode or romantic if it looks inappropriate.

It’s also okay to ask your MILF date about her relationship status to understand what she likes better. Some are in humdrum relationships and need a toy boy to spice up their life, others are totally single and just desire a companion.

You also cannot go wrong with long-term goals and aspirations. Talking about future plans indicates maturity on your part. You’ll also prove to be worth her time by being open with your goals.

Travel is one of the most riveting topics, and if your MILF is a keen traveller, allow her the time to shine as she narrates her travel adventures from all the places she’s been to.

Some of the topics to steer clear of when engaging a cougar include being too complimentary of her. Women love compliments, but too much fawning will be an instant turn-off.

Of course, tell her she’s beautiful and lavish her with compliments on occasion, but don’t spend your days singing her praises and telling her how ravishing she looks.

The age gap too may be an obvious aspect of your relationship, but don’t keep banging on about it. That’s out there already, and she’s probably even more at ease with it than you are.

Something else that is a buzz killer is never-ending talk about yourself. We get it, you got the chiselled body and face to go with it, probably a fascinating life you never tire of sharing with the world. But spend every available opportunity talking about yourself and you’ll be left wondering why she bailed on you.

Cougars Ireland

4. Taking it to the Next Level

If you’re looking to get laid straight away, you shouldn’t even waste your time on women that are not up for casual encounters.

However, asking this straight-up on the dating site is not the shortest path to getting laid. Quite on the contrary actually.

However, this will depend largely on the app you’re using. If it’s Tinder or Adult Friend Finder, your risk of coming across as a creep when you bring up the sex conversation online is minimal. On others, this could earn you an instant block.

So, keep the platform in mind when doing your MILF dating review to assess potential sex partners.

For the most part, though, the sex conversation is best saved for later during your text chats – or in person if you don’t want to risk it.

There are qualifying questions you could throw her way to quickly determine if she’s up for it or not. For instance – “Would you be open to having sex on the first date?” or even better “How desperately do you need to get laid?”

If she says she has no issue putting out on the first date or that she’s so horny she can’t think straight, say a prayer of gratitude in silence.

Sometimes, some women have this clearly spelt out and are looking for one-night stands. Most of these tend to be sex for cash engagements, especially online hookups – unless you bump into a liberal one at the bar or club.

Otherwise, when your cougar is in no hurry herself, or if sex on the first day or week is not your first priority, but would be ready to get down and dirty if it was offered, you have no choice but to tame the beast until she’s ready.

On the upside, at least you got her up to this point, and it’s only a matter of time until she opens her legs for you.

5. Bedroom Rules

If you’re making your first forays into cougar arena, you might not be sure how to proceed with your conquest.

Some cougars are happy to play the lead and will be more than willing to show you the ropes when things get hot and heavy.

But even then, you’ll need to step up and be the king of the domain, just like she wants you to. Cougars are not your typical girlfriends to play hard nut to crack. The reason she’s going out with you is because she wants sex. And plenty of it – fun sex, wild sex, kinky sex; she just wants you to drive her wild in the bedroom.

When sleeping with older women, there are tips you definitely need to keep in mind. As much as she wants you to take the reins, some things are better shelved aside because if they backfire and she loses fire, getting her in the mood again is going to take some doing.

For starters, avoid sex positions you’re not overly familiar with. We get it, she wants to be treated like a slutty porn star, but communication is your best guide if you feel like trying anything dramatic.

Boundaries are equally important. When your ultimate fantasy is lying naked next to you, as a young man it is easy to get carried away. If you feel like dishing up some anal sex as part of your offering, ask for her permission first.

The same goes for sex toys. This is an experienced woman who’s been around the block a few times. The last thing she needs is a cocky young guy who thinks he knows it all. Again, stick to her wishes and you will not err.

There’s also the small matter of pillow talk after the act. Unless she’s your official girlfriend, avoid the lovey-dovey chat unless she’s into it.

The intimate snuggling is fine (she’s a woman ffs) but if at any one point you feel confused about things, you will not be smacked in the backside if you ask. Well, hopefully.

Look, this doesn’t mean sleeping with a cougar is a safe act and all. By all means, talk dirty to her. Spank her. Make her moan while screaming your name out loud. Show her who’s the man. But don’t forget communication is key with these women.

Ask her about her passions, desires. Feel free to ask her favourite positions in bed and let her know you’re at her beck and call. Enquire about any sexual fantasies she may have, and explain that you’d love to help her fulfil them. Grant her free reign over your body.

By observing these key points, you’ll not only be fulfilling her needs, but you’ll gain the ultimate lad points.

Single Women Over 30 Dublin


This guide should give you a good understanding of what MILFs dating is all about.

So now you know where to find cougars in Dublin and how to approach and reel them in. You know what they like and are looking for.

Most importantly, you also know how to get her to cloud 9 in the bedroom where we’ll all be gunning for you to turn what would have been a one-off encounter into a fuck-buddy relationship.

Question is, when are you going to start?

Unlike yester years, online dating means cougars are just a few clicks away from finding your Stacy’s Mom and fulfilling those boyhood fantasies.

You don’t have to waste time hanging out around the clubs anymore. It’s never easy on the pocket.

Carpe diem.